Krosk Partners – Fixed Income Order Matching Platform


Krosk partners which is a regulated Inter-Dealer broker in Nigeria was looking to provide a game-changing fixed income trading environment that will provide transparency in the fixed income market in Nigeria. As an inter-dealer broker, Krosk Partners is looking to facilitate the trade of bonds and treasury bills between brokers, banks and other financial institutions.

To efficiently facilitate transactions between institutions and provide transparency, technology had to be leveraged and Cousant’s vast experience in providing financial market solutions was fundamental in being selected as the right technology partner for such a platform.

The Krosk Trading platform is a state-of-the-art Order Matching platform for fixed income and treasury bills securities The platform provides everything for banks and traders to discover prices, find opportunities and execute trades in real-time. The platform was designed to reduce costs and speed up execution of fixed income trades.

A web-based platform, traders can take the Krosk Trading Platform with them wherever they are to use whenever they need it. With the Krosk partners trading platform, clients never need to miss an opportunity again.

Some of the award winning features of the Krosk Order Matching Platform include:

Built for high Volume Trading

No matter the frequency or size of the trades, the Krosk trading platform is built  to sustain all trading conditions

Simple, Powerful Trading Experience

Once Krosk Partners sets up a client from the back end, the client can start trading with the intuitive user interface

Fast and Reliable Order Matching

Trades are immediately executed as soon as orders match without any delay.

Real Time Instrument Pricing

The best market prices are updated in real time as traders place bids and offers on securities on the platform

Fully Featured Booking System

A back-end booking system for Krosk partners manually book trades for phone orders

Algorithmic Trading Capabilities

Traders can initiate open orders that can automatically execute trades on the trader’s behalf that match certain parameters.

Monitor Trades in Real-Time

The Krosk trading platform provides views for clients to manage all orders and trades in real time.

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