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BLK Investments limited was looking to solve the big foreign exchange problem in Nigeria. Due to currency controls and dwindling oil revenues in Nigeria, there was a serious lack of dollars in the economy and still, the demand for foreign currencies was growing at an exponential rate on a daily basis.

The banks were not selling foreign currencies and the black market rates was rising in leaps and bounds, effectively shutting out many retail and institutional companies customers. BLK Investments, a seasoned investment company in many technology ventures spotted an opportunity to solve a problem with technology.

BLK FX Trader is an independent trading platform where buyers and sellers of currency can discover real-time FX rates and also buy/sell with other users. The platform is a web based platform that brings transparency into the foreign exchange platform and facilitates efficient trade at best available FX rates.

Cousant was selected as the partner to deliver this platform due to our expertise in building real time trading platforms for the financial and capital markets. We applied best industry practices to deliver a world class solution that can be used by both local and international customers alike.

With the FX Trading platform, customers never need to worry about buying foreign currency for their travel or business needs anymore.

Some of the key features of FX Trader include:

Our platform continually monitors all the different rates entered by customers to provide the best rates for any given currency pair.

FX Trader is simple to use and users can get up and buying currencies in as little as 5 minutes.

If customers have big orders to execute, FX Trader has an auction feature that lets users set up an auction to get interested counterparts to place bids on your order

Trading bands are applied to different category of customers for the protections of all customers on the platform.

BLK FX Trader is always on and always available making it easy to buys and sell currencies from anywhere in the world.

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