Autogenius – Online Car Insurance Comparision


AutoGenius is the first online platform in Nigeria to offer competitive Car Insurance premiums across a variety of top Insurance Providers. AutoGenius gives the power back to customers as they can search and compare quotes from different Insurers like Aiico, Leadway, Custodian etc.

The AutoGenius site goes further than just a comparison platform by also letting consumers buy insurance from any insurance provider whose price best matches their needs. After the purchase of any insurance policy on the AutoGenius site, the customer is immediately covered and can print the Insurance certificate right away.

Cousant was selected by AutoGenius as the preferred implementation partner to analyze, build and deliver the platform. The project took six intense months which involved direct integration with each of the Insurance providers, direct integration with the Nigerian Insurance Industry Database so that customers can be reassured their newly purchased policy is genuine and direct integration with the payment gateway.

The AutoGenius platform is the first of its kind in Nigeria and there is still no other Insurance platform that has such a complex back end but still presents the customer with a simple and seamless user experience. All this has been made possible by Cousant’s ability to wade through the technical complexity and present AutoGenius with a consumer focused world-class platform.

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