Pocket Broker

Pocket Broker is a Mobile Portfolio Management tool that is targeted at customers of Stockbrokers, Banks, and Investment Houses. Pocket Broker lets customers buy and sell stocks, bonds and treasuries with their broker. The comprehensive research functionality delivers everything customers need to know about the market and economy before making that important trade.

Pocket Broker’s powerful charting functionality gives customers the tools to study the trend to ensure trades are executed at the right moment. With the Up To Date News feature, customers will never be out of touch with the Nigerian Markets wherever they find themselves on the globe.

– Quotes
– Order Status
– Buy and Sell Stocks
– Research
– News
– Charts
– Account Information
– Fund Account with Debit/Credit Card
– Transaction History
– Much More!
Pocket Broker is aimed at Stock-Brokers, Asset Managers, Fund Managers, Discount Houses and Investment Houses that want to give their retail customers the power to trade and manage their portfolios from their Mobile Phones. By providing functionality to service retail customer’s common requests, stock-brokers and investment houses can reduce the administrative costs.
The Pocket Broker platform has been designed to be vendor agnostic so it can integrate with any Order Management System in use at any client site.
Pocket Broker has been developed for Android, Blackberry, Windows and Apple handsets. After deployment, Pocket Broker will be available on all the app stores for your customers to download.
Pocket Broker will be free to download and use by your customers once it is available on the App Stores.
The apps can be deployed with whatever product name the client chooses (as long as the chosen name is available in the App Stores).
Part of the deployment process will be to work with your team to ensure the look and feel is in line with your company’s branding guidelines.
Pocket Broker comes with an Administrators Portal that lets your team upload all the reports you would like to share with your clients. Once the reports are uploaded, your customers will be able to view and download them simply by accessing the ‘Reports’ menu from the Mobile App.
Once all terms have been agreed, integration and deployment should take between 6 to 8 weeks.
Pocket Broker has been deployed as CSL Invest for CSL Stockbrokers Limited. CSL Invest is available on the Android, Blackberry, Apple and Windows Phone App Stores. Click here to find out more.
To find out more, please call our sales team on 01 342 6990 or send an email to information@www.cousant.com