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E-commerce in Africa; One Story at a Time

The e-commerce story in Nigeria and other African countries will be continuously narrated because commerce itself is a never ending human endeavour. People must buy and sell, even in a recession.

We have developed many platforms in the financial services space but none of these solutions in really qualify for the e-commerce status, but we were still engaged in commerce anyway.



In 2015, we got various requests to build ecommerce sites for clients but we were never sure this was a line of business we wanted to pursue as it veered away from our core work. But as more requests came in, we asked if it was possible to build beautiful and unique e-commerce sites at scale and at speed. That is, bringing the concept of fast food to e-commerce site development.



We did find a way to provide e-commerce sites at scale by borrowing strategies from fast food chains.  But we did not stop there and our next step was to find ways to increase the chances of success of our merchants.  We decided to expandour offering to include other services that address key problem areas for our merchants.  That is Digital Marketing, Logistics and Payments.

We met with various potential partners but we selected Anozim- A Digital Marketing Agency; PAGA- A reputable payment company and Africa Courier Express (ACE) – A logistics company.  We selected these partners because we shared the same drive and  vision to empower the small to medium enterprises in Nigeria.

Together, we will change the face of e-commerce in Nigeria and Africa. We are starting with Nigeria because for obvious reasons; population size of over 170 Million, Increased foreign direct investment and number ofInternet users now about 92million.

It’s evident, that an industry that is predicted to be worth $75billion globally by 2025(Mckinsey), will be driven by a few countries in Africa, with Nigeria tipped to lead the pack.



We have named the service Shoppey and the landing page can be found at Just for the fun of it, you can say my shop.

With Shoppey, SME’s and entrepreneurs get a complete bundle of e-commerce site development, logistics, digital marketing and payment integration, which form the 4key pillars for success in e-commerce.

The bundle comes with free strategy sessions on digital marketing, free customer service training, free creative direction and also extensive Christmas campaign.

What Shoppey does is get merchants from zero to making sales from day 1..



The journey has only just begun. We have high hopes, great partners and a great team to power this. Most importantly, we hold a few values dear which will see us through; continuous improvement based on feedback, a desire to help entrepreneurs succeed in e-commerce and a revolutionary service.

Thanks for reading. It’s time to go Shoppey!


Tolu Adelowo

Founder, Cousant





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