Cousant Connect is an outsourcing service that connects your great ideas to brilliant developers. Our service lets you plug ā€˜nā€™ play technically competent developers into your team without going through the hassle of recruitment, payroll, pensions, bonuses, training etc.
Every Developer you hire with our service would already have passed our robust assessment process and deemed competent enough to take on any technical challenge. Our developers are your developers and will work full time from the Client site for as long as the Client needs..

The Cousant-Connect service is perfect for

    1. Building Minimum Viable Products without committing to a full time Dev Team
    2. Trying out new ideas and concepts within a short frame of time
    3. Organizations that want to save on Permanent Staff Costs
    4. Urgently replacing developers that have resigned or absent
    5. Quickly Building a world class Development Team without the recruitment hassle

Our value proposition does not end after the developer begins work with you. We believe great champions never stop being coached or mentored. This is why we schedule weekly mentoring sessions with all our developers to keep them motivated and up to shape.
Beyond that, we also measure the performance of each developer on a monthly basis to ensure they are high achievers.